Expert Witness Services

Our expert witness services are designed for homeowners who are considering litigation against a builder, contractor or another home inspector.

Nobody likes to be involved in legal proceedings. But it’s especially intimidating when those proceedings involve a subject or a field that you’re unfamiliar with. Let us help. Our trained inspectors can give you the expertise you need when undertaking legal action to correct problems caused by incomplete or inaccurate home inspections, substandard construction, or other problems due to contractor indifference or incompetence.

If needed, we can even attend hearings and provide the expertise you need to support your legal claims.

Our expert witness services help you, the property owner:

  • Identify work and services that were not performed to generally accepted minimum standards.
  • Understand industry-specific terms and definitions as you consider your course of action.
  • Confidently undertake legal proceedings against unscrupulous or incompetent builders, contractors, or home inspectors.
  • Gain compensation for substandard work or services.