Home Warranty Inspection

Home buyers often purchase a new home warranty to help defray the cost of major repairs to home components that fail after purchasing the property. A home warranty inspection, then, is contracted by the homeowner to help identify any defects that qualify for repair by the home warranty.

A Home Warranty Inspection helps you, the homeowner:

  • Identify defects within the home, particularly those covered by your home warranty plan.*
  • Identify health and safety issues within your home.
  • Approach your insurer with a detailed list of deficiencies to be corrected.**
  • Develop a course of action for repairing problem areas.

*According to many policies in Ohio, the home warranty inspection must be performed within a year after purchasing the home.

**Keep in mind that most home warranty policies won’t pay a claim unless the homeowner has documented proof that the component was functioning properly when the home was purchased. It is important, then, that your pre-purchase inspection includes the operation of all of your home’s accessible components using normal operating controls.